Jet-Lube Alco-EP ECF


Jet-Lube Alco-EP ECF is an environmentally sensitive, multipurpose, EP Grease designed for high moisture applications.   Alco-EP ECF is extremely resistant to rust and corrosion, making it ideal for environmentally sensitive, hostile, wet environments. The ECF product line has a “Yellow” rating in Norway and an “E” rating in the UK and Netherlands. These are the most safe environmental ratings for a lubricating grease.

Environmentally sensitive EP grease Jet-Lube Alco-EP ECF Service Rating: -32°C (-25°F) to 232°C  (450°F)
Thickener: Calcium Sulfonate Complex
NLGI Grade 2
Colour: Red


  • Metal free, biodegradable, nontoxic multipurpose grease.
  • Extremely water-resistant; will not wash out or off. 
  • Ideal for bearings in high moisture environments.
  • Superior metal adhesion properties.
  • Contains rust, corrosion and oxidation inhibitors.
  • Resistant to the effects of water, heat, weathering, oxidation and heavy loads.
  • Excellent work stability under high loads, shock and vibration.
  • Protects equipment from damage caused by dirt, dust, sediment, salt and water.
  • Pumpable consistency.
  • No volatile organic compounds (VOC).
  • Compatible with elastomer materials such as buna, viton, Teflon, nitral and nylon.
  • Exceeds Military Spec MIL-G-18458B-SH.
  • Certified BTEX free (report available upon request).

Product SizeTechnical Data SheetSafety Data Sheet

400gm Cartridge

20L / 15.8kg Pail