CC Lube

Jet-Lube CC Lube


Jet-Lube CC Lube is a multipurpose, clear, nonstaining, nondrying, biodegradable, food grade grease fortified with PTFE.  CC Lube is designed to eliminate hot water washout.  The addition of antibacterial additives eliminates bacterial culturing.

Service Rating: -18°C (-0°F) to 204°C  (400°F)Food grade, multipurpose grease with PTFE Jet-Lube CC Lube.
Thickener: Aluminium Complex
NLGI Grade 1 – 1.5
Colour: Clear


  • Semisynthetic clear lubricant containing PTFE.
  • Nonstaining, nondrying, odorless and biodegradable.
  • Extremely water-resistant; designed to eliminate hot water washout.
  • Superior metal adhesion properties.
  • Contains bacterial, rust, corrosion and oxidation inhibitors.
  • Can be used safely on metal, plastic, rubber (viton, neopreen, buna & HSN), vinyl, nylon and stainless steel.
  • Will not stain cotton, polyester or Mylar fabrics.
  • NSF Registered H1.
  • Conforms to Military Specifications MIL-G-4343.

Product Size Technical Data SheetSafety Data Sheet

20L / 15.8kg Pail