Clean Up Plus

Jet-Lube Clean Up Plus


Jet-Lube Clean Up Plus is a high performance blend of safe, organic solvents designed to quickly dissolve and remove dirt, grease, oil, tar and wax without  dangerous chemical additives.


Environmentally safe, organic, cleaner and degrease Jet-Lube Clean Up Plus.

  • Environmentally safe, ozone friendly, nonflammable, nonstaining, low odor spray cleaner and degreaser.
  • Quickly dissolves and rinses away dirt, grease, grime, oil, wax and tar.
  • CO2 propellent.
  • Does not contain fluorinated, chlorinated compounds.
  • Natural biodegradable organic formulation.
  • Safe on all metals and most plastics.
  • Evaporates leaving a residue-free surface.
  • 29,000 Volt dielectric strength.
  • NSF registered C1.
  • Conforms to Military Specification MIL-PRF-907E.

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