Food Grade Silicone Spray

Jet-Lube Food Grade Silicone Spray


Jet-Lube Food Grade Silicone Spray is a dry, greaseless, odourless, nonstaining spray for light duty lubrication.  Food Grade Silicone Spray leaves a moisture resistant lubricating film that will not gum or form unwanted residues.  

Service Rating: -18°C (-0°F) to 177°C  (350°F)Clear, greasless, nonstaing, odorless, Jet-Lube Food Grade Silicone spray.
Colour: Clear


  • Stops sticking, squeaking and binding of moving parts.
  • Colourless, odorless, water-resistant, nonstaining and nontoxic. 
  • Will not melt, freeze, gum or become rancid.
  • Excellent release agent.
  • Safe on plastics.
  • Does not contain fluorinated, chlorinated or United States EPA SARA listed compounds.
  • NSF Registered H1.
  • Excellent food processing machinery silicone lubricant. 

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