Made to be resistant to salt and fresh water, oxidation and extreme heat and cold, our marine products are used for maintaining all sizes and shapes of vessels and supporting equipment – from tugs to tow barges to boat launches – both in and out of the water.

Using the vertical tabs on the chart below, select the type of product you require to see a recommended list of available products.

Anti-SeizeCleanersCoatingsDry LubricantsEP GreasePenetrants & LubricantsSilicone GreaseThread Sealants
  • Clean Up – Extreme Service Cleaner and Degreaser
  • Jet-Lube 5000 – Eco-Friendly, Water Based, Cleaner and Degreaser

  • Moly-Mist – Molybdenum Dry Spray Lubricant
  • WLD – Wire Rope, Chain, Cable and Open Gear Lubricant / Protectant
  • WRL – Wire Rope & Chain Lubricant / Protectant
  • Z-Plate – Spray Pure Zinc Coating

  • Alco-EP ECF – Eco-Friendly, Multi-Purpose, High Temp, Water Resistant Grease, BTEX Free
  • AP-1 – Non-Melting, High-Temp Grease
  • AP-5 – Non-Melting, High-Temp Grease with Moly
  • Jet-Plex-EP – Multi-Purpose, High-Temp, Water Resistant Grease
  • Marine Moly – Marine Grade Lubricating Paste with Molybdenum
  • Marine MP – Marine Grade, Lithium Based, Multipurpose Grease

  • 769 Lubricant – Lubricant, Penetrant, Protectant and Moisture Displacer
  • Renew – Eliminates Belt Slippage, Squeaks & Squeals
  • Sheen Free – Wire Rope Preservative & Lubricant
  • WRL – Wire Rope & Chain Lubricant / Protectant

  • TF-15 – Fiberglass Pipe Thread Sealant, BTEX Free

  • TFW – Water and Natural Gas Fitting Thread Sealant

  • V-2 – Multipurpose Thread Sealant for Potable Water