Jet-Lube manufactures a wide range of anti-seize, lubrication and grease products to suit just about every transportation need. Bearings, bushings, or belts – fittings, couplings or crankshafts, we manufacture quality products to keep the industry moving.

Using the vertical tabs on the chart below, select the type of product you require to see a recommended list of available products.

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Anti-SeizeCleanersCoatingsDry LubricantsEP GreasePenetrants & LubricantsSilicone GreaseThread Sealants
  • Clean Up – Extreme Service Cleaner and Degreaser
  • Jet-Lube 5000 – Eco-Friendly, Water Based, Cleaner and Degreaser

  • Moly-Mist – Molybdenum Dry Spray Lubricant
  • Z-Plate – Spray Pure Zinc Coating

  • Moly-Mist – Molybdenum Dry Spray Lubricant

  • CC Lube – Biodegradable, Clear, Non Staining, Synthetic Lubricant
  • FMG – Food Grade, Food Machinery Grease
  • Jet-Plex-EP – Multi-Purpose, High-Temp, Water Resistant Grease

  • 769 Lubricant – Lubricant, Penetrant, Protectant and Moisture Displacer
  • CC Lube – Biodegradable, Clear, Non Staining, Synthetic Lubricant
  • Renew – Eliminates Belt Slippage, Squeaks & Squeals

  • TFW – Water and Natural Gas Fitting Thread Sealant
  • V-2 – Multipurpose Thread Sealant for Potable Water