Jet-Lube 21

Jet-Lube 21 Thread Compound


Jet-Lube 21 is a copper based, economical thread compound for use with drill collars and all subsurface drilling tools.

Service Rating: -18°C (-0°F) to 205°C  (400°F) Economical copper based thread compound Jet-Lube 21.
Thickener: Aluminium Stearate
NLGI Grade 1
Colour: Copper
Friction Factor: 1.15


  • Contains metallic copper and graphite
  • Does not contain lead, zinc or PTFE.
  • Sticks to wet joints; will not wash off.
  • Fortified with rust and corrosion inhibitors, extreme pressure, and anti-wear additives.
  • Designed for drilling conditions up to 3,000 meters, collar sizes up to 6 1/4″.
  • Ideal for mud filled, deep, high-angle and problem holes involving high temperatures and whip stocks.
  • Can be used with horizontal drilling applications.
  • Conforms to API R7G makeup charts.

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4L  / 4.5kg Pail

8L / 9kg Pail

20L / 20.3kg Pail