Jet-Lube No. 33

Service Rating: -57°C (-70°F) to 204°C  (400°F) No-33-Grease
Thickener: Lithium Soap
Fluid: Silicone
NLGI Grade 2
Colour: Pink


  • Premium silicone / lithium grease.
  • Highly water resistant, oxidation resistant, nontoxic, low volatility and chemical resistant.
  • Will not harm plastic, rubber or nylon.
  • Operational over a wide temperature range.
  • Conforms to Military Specification  CID A-A-59173, Type 2 (formerly MIL-G-46886B)
  • Offset to Dow Corning® Molykote 33 Grease.


  • Cold rooms and equipment that must start in a cold environment.
  • Freezer cart and spiral freezer bearings.
  • Disconnect switches and contacts.
  • Low load ball and roller bearings and small gears.
  • Rotary drill piston and gear box maintenance.
  • Plastic parts, O-rings and gasket materials.
  • Automotive water pumps, starters, alternators and wiper motors.

Not recommended for:

Surfaces to be painted.

Part Number & SizeTechnical Data SheetAustralian MSDS
#73860 – 148 ml / 225 gm tube
#73850 – 400 gram cartridge
#73816 – 20 litre / 15.8 kg pail