Kiln Grease HT

Jet-Lube Kiln Grease HT


Jet-Lube Kiln Grease HT is an aluminium complex EP grease  for high temperature, high RPM bearing applications.  Kiln Grease HT is designed not to rubberize at elevated temperatures like silicone based grease.

Service Rating: -18°C (-0°F) to 260°C  (500°F)
HIgh temperature, high rpm aluminium comples EP grease Jet-Lube Kiln Grease HT.Thickener: Aluminium Complex
NLGI Grade 2
Colour: Green


  • Non-clay, high load, high temperature, water-resistant grease.
  • Very adhesive to metal.
  • Contains rust, corrosion and oxidation inhibitors, acid neutralizers and metal deactivators.
  • Resistant to the effects of water, heat, weathering, oxidation, elevated RPM’s (up to 20,000) and heavy loads.
  • Excellent work stability under high loads, shock and vibration.
  • Protects equipment from damage caused by dirt, dust, sediment, rain and high humidity.
  • Free of environmentally undesirable metal.
  • No volatile organic compounds (VOC).

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400gm Cartridge

20L / 15.3kg Pail