Marine MP

Jet-Lube Marine MP


Jet-Lube Marine MP is a multipurpose, water-resistant, highly tenacious,  calcium-lithium soap  EP Grease designed for marine applications.  Jet-Lube Marine MP is extremely resistant to the effects of water, salt spray, heat, oxidation and adverse marine conditions.

Service Rating: -18°C (-0°F) to 163°C (325°F) Marine application calcium and lithium soap EP grease Jet-Lube Marine MP.
NLGI Grade 2
Timken Load: 24.9 kg
Colour: Purple


  • Multipurpose, calcium-lithium based grease.
  • Extremely water-resistant.
  • Contains rust, corrosion and oxidation inhibitors.
  • Resistant to the effects of water, heat, weathering, oxidation and heavy loads.
  • Pumpable consistency.

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400gm Cartridge