Marine Wire Rope & Hawser Grease

Colour: TanMarineWWHG
Service Rating: -18 C (0 F) to 163 C (325 F)


  • Non-Staining
  • White in color
  • Anti-Corrosive
  • NLGI grade 2
  • Non-Drying
  • Water resistant
  • Adhesive to wire rope & cables
  • MIL-G-18458B (SH)


Jet-Lube Marine Wire Rope & Hawser Grease is an economical high performance lubricant for wire rope, hawser and related applications requiring a water resistant, tenacious product that resists the effects of fresh and salt water spray, oxidation, humidity, heat and other adverse conditions common to marine and heavy industrial applications.

Marine Wire Rope & Hawser Grease maintains and extends the life and performance of wire rope by providing a nondrying film on the outside of the wire rope. This film protects wire rope from corrosion while lubricating the inner strands, drums and sheaves.


Recommended for all marine and industrial wire rope, hawser and related activities such as shipyard gantry cranes, mast hoisting cables, loading cranes, offshore rig anchor cables, crane and drag lines, elevator hoist lines, or any wire rope cable that operates in harsh conditions.

Suited for applications such as a boat trailer wheel bearing grease or any bearing exposed to a marine environment.

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