Jet-Lube MP-50


Jet-Lube MP-50 is a high temperature, non-melting, water-resistant, bentone clay EP grease containing 50% molybdenum disulfide.  Jet-Lube MP-50 is designed for hostile environment, heavily loaded, metal on metal lubrication.

Service Rating: -185°C (-300°F) to 400°C  (750°F) Non-Melting, High Temperature EP Grease with 50% Molybdenum Disulfide Jet-Lube MP-50.
Thickener: Organo Clay
NLGI Grade: 2.5
Colour: Black


  • Clay thickened, high load, high temperature, water-resistant grease.; nonmelting formulation.
  • Contains 50% molybdenum disulfide.
  • Very adhesive to metal.
  • Contains rust, corrosion and oxidation inhibitors, acid neutralizers and metal deactivators.
  • Resistant to the effects of water, heat, weathering, oxidation and heavy loads.
  • Excellent work stability under high loads, shock and vibration.
  • Protects equipment from damage caused by dirt, dust, sediment, rain and high humidity.
  • Free of environmentally undesirable metal.
  • No volatile organic compounds (VOC). 

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450ml  / 454gm Can