MP Silicone Grease

Jet-Lube MP Silicone Grease

Jet-Lube MP Silicone Grease is ideal for lubrication, insulating electrical assemblies, sealing, water proofing and mold release applications.   MP Silicone can be used as an assembly lubricant for various metal-on-plastic and metal-on-rubber assembly combinations.

Service Rating: -57°C (-70°F) to 204°C  (400°F)
Fluid: Silicone
Thickener: InorganicLubricatin, electrical insulating, water proofing Jet-Lube MP Silicone Grease.
NLGI Grade 1.5
Colour: Translucent


  • Premium silicone grease.
  • Highly water-resistant, oxidation resistant, nontoxic, low volatility and chemical resistant.
  • High dielectric strength; excellent for moisture proofing electrical components.
  • Will not harm most plastics, rubber or nylon.
  • NSF Registered H1.
  • Offset to Dow Corning® #4 and #7 Grease.

Not recommended for surfaces to be painted.

Product SizeTechnical Data SheetSafety Data Sheet

150gm Tube

20L / 15.8kg Pail