Oven Chain Lubricant

Jet-Lube Oven Chain Lubricant


Jet-Lube Oven Chain Lubricant is a premium, high viscosity, low smoke, low odour, low sulfur, noncorrosive, lubricant and penetrant. Ideal suited for high temperature food production applications.

Service Rating: -32°C (25°F) to 400°C  (750°F)
Thickener: Inorganic
Fluid Type: Synthetic
Colour: White
Synthetic, high temperature, low smoke, Jet-Lube Oven Chain Lubricant.


  • Semifluid chain lubricant and penetrant with PTFE.
  • High viscosity, nonsmoking, nonmelting and low odor.
  • Penetrates into the link and pins of the chain to lubricate the chain roller.
  • Can be utilized as a high temperature gear lubricant.
  • Nonmelting inorganic thickener reduces drip at high temperatures.
  • NSF Registered H1.

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