Drilling and Completions

Jet-Lube Drilling & Completions Products

Jet-Lube drilling products are engineered to meet the demanding requirements of any drilling application. All our drill string products meet or exceed industry standards, eliminating downtime, making your drilling assets more productive.

Drilling Compounds

  • Bullseye -Water Well, Petroleum Hydrocarbon-Free Drilling Compound
  • Jet-Lube 21 – Cost-Effective Copper Drilling Compound
  • Kol’R-King – Lead Based, Large Diameter Drilling Compound
  • Kopr-Kote – Copper Drilling Compound
  • Kov’R-Kote – Metal Free Drilling Compound
  • NCS-30 ECF – Eco-Friendly Drilling Compound; BTEX Free
  • Well Guard – Monitor Well, Petroleum Hydrocarbon-Free Drilling Compound
  • Z-50 – Zinc Based Drilling Compound

Completions Compounds

Thread Locking Kit

Storage Compounds

  • Korr-Guard – Long-Term Thread Storage Compound
  • Rust-Guard – Long-Term, Exposed Surface Storage Compound

EP Grease


  • Kopr-Kote – Copper Anti-Seize
  • ECF – Non-Metallic, Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable, High-Temperature Anti-Sei

Specialty Products

  • C-Plate – Pure Copper Spray Coating
  • Moly-Mist – Dry Film Molybdenum Disulphide (MOS2) Lubricant