Valve Maintenance

Jet-Lube Valve Maintenance Products

Jet-Lube has a complete line of valve maintenance products including sealants, lubricants, penetrants and packings. Designed to keep your valves operating at maximum efficiency.

Gate Valve Products

  • Ezy-Turn #2 – General Purpose & Frac-Valve Lubricant / Sealant
  • Ezy-Turn #3 Arctic – Gate & Plug Valve Lubricant / Sealant with Graphite and Moly
  • Ezy-Turn #4 – Gate Valve Lubricant / Sealant with Moly
  • Ezy-Turn #196 – Gate Valve Lubricant / Sealant for Leaking, Badly Scored Valves
  • Ezy-Turn Body Fill – Economical Gate Valve Lubricant / Sealant
  • Ezy-Turn H2S – Gate Valve Lubricant and Sealant for High H2S

Plug Valve Products

Ball Valve Products

Stick Grease



Additional Products