Renew Belt Dressing

Jet-Lube Renew Belt Dressing


Jet-Lube Renew Belt Dressing is spray on, dry, tacky film designed to increase traction, reduce slip and decrease squeak.  The increased traction decreases the required belt tension, leading to extended belt life.

AerosolDry, tacky belt dressing to reduce slipage, Jet-Lube Renew Belt Dressing.
Dry Time: 20 minutes
Colour: Clear


  • Eliminates belt slippage on round, flat and “V” belts.
  • Produces a dry, tacky film that increase traction and power transfer.
  • Allows for decreased belt tension, extending belt life.
  • Resistant to water wash off.
  • Chemically stable, nondrying and water-resistant.
  • Does not contain fluorinated, chlorinated or United States EPA SARA listed compounds.
  • USDA, FDA approved.
  • NSF Registered P1. 

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