Run-N-Seal Extreme

Jet-Lube Run-N-Seal Extreme Thread Compound

Jet-Lube Run-N-Seal Extreme thread compound is a metal free, environmentally safe alternative for OCTG 8-round and buttress type connections.

Service Rating: -40°C (-40°F) to 232°C  (400°F) Metal free, environmentally safe, nontoxic tubing, casing and line pipe thread compound Jet-Lube Run-N-Seal Extreme.
Thickener: Complex Soap
Fluid Type: Petroleum
NLGI Grade 1
Friction Factor: 0.9


  • Metal free, nontoxic and environmentally safe.
  • Conforms or exceeds API RP5A3.
  • Contains additives for protection against rust, corrosion, and oxidation.
  • Not classified as a hazardous waste.
  • Will not harden or dry.
  • Prevents galling and wear.
  • Sticks to wet and oily threads.
  • H2S inhibited.

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