Service Rating: -32°C (-25°F) to 175°C (350°F)WRL_1
Viscosity @ 40°C (ASTM D-455): 19.8 – 24.2 cSt
ISO Grade: 22
Shell 4-Ball EP Test (ASTM D2422): 250 kgf
Flash Point: 166°C (330°F)
Colour: Amber


  • Multipurpose lubricant, penetrant, protectant and moisture displacment formula.
  • Nonflamable, nonevaporating, nondrying, silicone free.
  • Protects against rust, oxidation and galvanic corrosion.
  • Penetrates tight spaces and deposits a rust preventative lubricating film.
  • Pumpable, non-drip formulation
  • NSF Registered H2. 


  • Actuators,  Bearings,  Cables,  Capstans,  Chains,  Coils,  Conveyors,  Gears,  Guides,  Hoists,  Joints,  Keyways,   Pins,  Pulleys,  Seals,  Shafts,  Sheaves,  Shims,  Slides,  Springs, Studs,  Swivels,  Switches,  Valves,  Vises,  Ways,  Winches,  Wheels,  Wire Rope,  Wire Rope Drums, Tramways, Coal Mines, Ski Lifts, Elevators, Fishing Leaders, Aircraft Cables, Barges.

Not recommended for:

  • High-speed bearings

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4L  / 3.2kg Jug

20L / 15.8kg Pail